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Dr. Bensalem Sahel

Dr. Bensalem Sahel

Dean of Islamic Studies


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Professor Bensalem Al-Sahil holds a doctorate degree in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins from Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech. He has many published scientific works. He was a former head of the Islamic Studies department, and coordinator of the Islamic studies at the Faculty of Arts in Beni Mellal. He was also the coordinator of the Master’s studies in Islamic jurisprudence sciences in Morocco and Andalusia specialisation and a founding member and deputy director of the of Revelation Goals and Religious and Cultural Dialogue Lab and the Objectives and Dialogue for Studies and Research Laboratory in the same college. He worked as a professor at Sultan Moulay Suleiman University in Beni Mellal and currently at Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Islamic & Humanity Science.

  • Islamic Jurisprudence studies in general, renewal of jurisprudence studies, and authentication of texts
  • Issues of contemporary Islamic thought
  • Religion issues and interfaith comparative studies
  • A doctorate in islamic jurisprudence
  • A Master’s degree in Islamic jurisprudence
  • A Graduate studies diploma in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins
  • BA in Islamic studies
  • The book Islamic culture, jointly published by Muhammad V University
  • Books in preparation for publication.
  • Articles in refereed scientific journals
  • Acting Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, Mohammed V University Abu Dhabi
  • Head of the Islamic Studies department, Sultan Moulay Suleiman Beni Mellal University
  • Coordinator of the Islamic studies option  at Sultan Moulay Suleiman University, Beni Mellal

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Achieving excellence in Islamic studies specializations and curricula and promoting the values ​​of moderate Islam according to the strategies of the United Arab Emirates, and serving the community in an effective and positive manner.


High-quality programs in compliance with international standards, a solid scientific training open to modern curricula and technologies, and developing skills that meet the needs of the labor market.

Goals of the college

1) Offering B.A. programs in Islamic studies  that combine depth of knowledge and openness to humanities, living languages, and modern computer technologies.

2) Training and qualifying students according with an approach that combines Islamic knowledge selected from original sources with contemporary diligence imbued with a spirit of moderation and tolerance.

3) Providing integrated and open academic programs that respond to international standards and meet the needs of the labor market.

4) Forming a scientific personality able of taking responsibility and equipped with communication skills, creativity, and criticitical and independent thinking.

5) Consolidating the values ​​of loyalty to the nation, dedication to community service, transparency in performance, and openness to others.

6) Create a generation characterized by efficiency and innovation.

7) Qualifying students to access graduate studies and scientific research based on competitive standards.

8) nurturing self-development and effective integration into the labor market.