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Dear Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities graduates,
To ensure the importance of communicating, you can now easily update your contact information and credential by using the University’s unified system (UMS) through e-services – Alumni Services.

Advantages offered by the Department of Alumni Affairs

Alumni and Career Counseling Office seeks to provide support to all graduates in terms of employment through the university's strategic partners, as well as to provide training courses to qualify them to join the labor market. A platform has also been created under the name (The Electronic Career Portal) to build an integrated professional base for graduates to register in professional programs and workshops, present job opportunities available, and apply for suitable vacancies.

Employment Ads

There are more than 13 vocational workshops under the name (Mostaed Program), which target graduates and students who are about to graduate and are concerned with professional life and career guidance.

Career guidance and counseling

A graduate card that allows them to obtain privileges even after graduating, such as entering the university campus with all its branches, entering the library, and borrowing books, entering facilities such as the sports club and clubs affiliated with the university, and attending all events held at the university.

Alumni Card

All graduates are registered in Fazaa to get discounts of up to 15% in various stores around the UAE.

Fazaa Electronic Card

All graduates are registered on the Coursera platform for training courses provided by Abu Dhabi Government Academy, which includes more than 4,000 training courses with credited Hours and certified certificates.


All graduates are registered to enter the electronic library or visit the library to benefit from all the services provided in the University library.

Library and electronic services

An electronic platform for practical training for students who are about to graduate. It contains a database of students and a list of government and private entities, through which practical training requirements are uploaded and sent to the authorities, weekly reports and evaluations are uploaded, as well as statistics related to practical training are created.

Meydan Platform

Invitations are sent to all graduates to participate in all events and activities of the university.

Events and Activities

Designing and disseminating publications about professional skills and disseminating them continuously to graduates to benefit and develop professional skills.

Professional Publication


Alumni Council

The Alumni Council at Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities works to document and develop channels of communications between the university and its graduates in line with the our vision and objectives, and seeks to achieve strong and inspiring achievements that contribute to building society, shaping the future of the country, developing the capabilities of graduates after graduation, and providing them with the opportunity to participate in various activities and programs.

Events and meetings

The Alumni Affairs Department provides various meetings and events for graduates in cooperation with the competent authorities, and encourages them to participate and attend all meetings and events organized by the university, such as:

  1. Alumni Annual Meeting.
  2. Alumni Success Stories.
  3. House of Wisdom Library.