Student Life Management

The Department of Student Affairs firmly believes that a great deal of what students learn at the university takes place outside the classroom. Therefore, students, faculty, and staff collaborate to provide a wide variety of social, cultural, artistic, sports, and recreational activities that cater to various lifestyles to enrich students’ academic experiences and allow them to engage with a diverse community of students from all over the world. These services prepare a generation of graduates who have the right academic skills and are specialists in their field while able to engage and serve the wider community in which they live and work.

Health Services

The university seeks to provide the highest quality health services for all university students. A medical staff is available on campus and is committed to the comprehensive health of students while they study at the university.

Student Counseling

Student counseling is provided through a range of specialized services designed to bring students to a better level of psychological and social health and well-being. These services also help students overcome any difficulties they may encounter during their academic journey. The specialists in this department aim to provide an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, and complete confidentiality for all issues.

Services for People of Determination (Special Needs)

The Student Affairs Department is committed to providing students of determination all the appropriate services they require while studying at the university and ensuring they obtain equal educational opportunities. The department urges students who face any type of challenge to communicate with the staff to assess their needs and then provide them with the necessary services.

Student Happiness Center

Student Happiness Services are available through the support and advice provided by the Student Affairs Department. These services address the difficulties students may face in communicating with other specialists in the department by answering their inquiries and questions directly and through electronic services. In addition, the center directs students to the relevant authorities who may be able to provide more detailed answers.

International Student Services

The International Student Services Office was established to provide services to international students enrolled at the university, with an appreciation for the unique traditions and cultures they bring to the university. The office team coordinates the students’ administrative needs and supports their academic and personal success.


The International Student Office also assists international students on all matters related to the rules and regulations for granting entry and residence visas, financial requirements, travel tickets, and health insurance, in compliance with university policies.

Transportation Services

The Student Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Services and Logistics Support Department, provides internal and external transportation services for university students, including buses and light vehicles driven by highly qualified and responsible drivers to ensure the safety of all passengers.


These services include:

Transporting students between the residence halls and the campuses in Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Transporting female students residing on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city to the university campus daily.

Transporting female students residing in the university residence halls to their emirates and residential areas on weekends and then returning them to the dormitories of the Abu Dhabi and Ajman campuses.

Student transportation services for field trips inside and outside the city of Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Email Access

This is the email login page for employees, faculty members, and students (Microsoft Office 365).

D2L Access

This is a digital platform that provides online education, offering courses, resources, and tools for teachers and students.

SIS Access

This is a digital system used to manage and store student information, including academic records, personal details, and other related data.

University Management System (UMS)

This is the electronic portal for Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities. It includes workgroups, calendars, schedules, email, databases, and other services.

Residential Life (Halls of Residences)

Living on campus and integrating into its community is one of the most enriching experiences of university life. In the halls of residences, students can communicate with their peers and participate in leadership opportunities, means of developing them, and many interactive activities on campus, and create a comfortable, encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere in the halls of residences to make it the most ready place to support students who live far from their homes and families.

The Sport Centre (Gym)

The healthy life of students plays an important role in the academic and general success of the student’s life, and the Student Life Department is interested in providing sports activities services for all students, whether on campus or at university hall of residences. The student sports club is also activated through sports tournaments, seminars, and training courses.


On campus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal in one of the restaurants or coffee shops. There is also a main hall for restaurants with regular health and food control to ensure food safety standards at all times.

 House of Wisdom Library

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University for the Humanities Library is a gateway to a wide range of resources and services. These are designed to support research, learning, and teaching at the university. The library aims to expand the cultural awareness of students and professors and enrich them with the latest developments in scientific research and human thought. This is achieved by continuously updating the library collection with various references and media resources. Additionally, the library facilitates access to these resources in accordance with the highest library standards and the latest administrative practices.

The University Theater

The university theater in Abu Dhabi and Ajman is equipped with the latest facilities and audio-visual media to provide unique and exciting experiences for students and the community. It serves as a center for holding international and local conferences, cultural seminars, lectures, and workshops.

Computer Laboratories

Our computer laboratories boast modern and advanced equipment, devices, and high-speed communication networks. They also have spaces that cater to group and individual learning. These spaces aim to provide an ideal educational environment that promotes active learning and contributes to developing students’ skills in the field of Information Technology and Computing.

 Outdoor Garden

The outdoor garden is an ideal place for students and community members to relax and socialize, as it is populated diverse plants and trees. This creates a natural atmosphere and tranquility while providing designated spaces for various cultural and recreational activities and events.

Prayer Hall

The chapel at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is a pivotal space within the campus. It serves as a center for worship, meditation, and spiritual communication, offering individuals peace and tranquility.

The prayer hall has a beautiful and comfortable design that promotes a conducive environment for prayer and meditation. There are also separate prayer rooms for men and women.


The Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities Health Clinic provides healthcare and mental health services to the university’s students, faculty, and staff. The clinic offers a range of specialized medical services, including general medical examinations, treatment of common illnesses, vaccination administration, and health guidance.

The clinic is dedicated to the health and well-being of the university community. They strive to provide quality and innovative medical services that are tailored to meet individual needs effectively and comprehensively, ensuring each person receives the care they require.

Student Clubs

To implement many activities and initiatives that promote the values and meanings of tolerance and coexistence, in cooperation with community institutions.

Dr. Marya al-Hattali

Wejdan al-Sheriyani

To provide a platform for volunteer work to promote sustainability, environmental preservation, and communication with the Green Council for Youth through projects and initiatives at the university and government levels.

Dr. Hiba Abu Khusa

Mona al-Bashir

The club focuses on supporting the passions and creative ideas of students in the field of entrepreneurship, promoting the sound investment of their energies, exchanging experience in investment, and preparing an awareness program related to financial literacy and talent to build a generation of entrepreneurs.

Dr. Fadi Mahmoud

Izz al-’Arab al-Harbi

Offering volunteer opportunities that utilize student experiences and skills, in confirmation of the UAE’s keenness to spread the culture of volunteer work and to promote social responsibility among students, as well as to encourage communication with community institutions

Nadia al-Dhaheri

Student Affairs Department

The club seeks to hold many events, activities, and workshops encouraging students to research and innovate, develop their intellectual abilities, discover their problem-solving skills, and employ recitation, drama, design, and photography knowledge.

 Prof. Mohamed al-Sayyid

Mohamed al-Ka’bi – Mariam al Sa’idi

Correct the perception of physical and mental activity in the minds of students, contribute to identifying student skills and creativity in the sports field, and support them for community participation in various forums, giving them self-confidence and aspiration towards excellence and innovation.

Prof. Hamad al-’Abaydli

Hamad al-Janebi

To support and enhance the sense of belonging to the university community in a way that contributes to the positive interaction of international students on campus, as well as enhancing the role of the International Students Department in implementing various activities and events and exchanging knowledge among students.

Prof. Salim al-Minhali

Khaled Ayfan

 Student Council Objectives 

To build the students’ character by enriching social interaction and educational practices according to the university’s standards.

 Tasks and responsibilities
Student Council Members (Abu Dhabi)

Saeed Alsuwaidi

Chairman of the Board

Mona Alhosani

Deputy Council

Talal Saeed


Mona Elbashir


Saoud Alshehhi


Mahra Alhaqal


Husain Alhashmi


Huda Alharthi


Ibrahim Alhammadi


Ruwaya Aldarei


Habiba Ibrahim

Student Council Members (Ajman)

Saeed Alshehhi

Chairman of the Board

Ali Alnaqbi

Deputy Council

Abdulrahman Alateibi


Mutab Alkarbi


Hamed Alalawi


Jumaiah Alsereidi


Mouza Alshuweihi


Khadija Alshehhi


Bouthaina Lakhdari


Kholoud Alzeyoudi


Ali Almazrouei