The Center for Continuing Education was established to achieve the university’s vision and belief in the importance of continuing education in the development of the academic system, in establishing giving and developing a road map to achieve the vision of good leadership in instilling the spirit of sustainable development


The forefront of promoting the concept of lifelong learning


  • Integrity and transparency
  • Professional work
  • Excellence and leadership
  • Effective communication


Enable community members and different institutions to rise positively and help them harness potential to achieve competitiveness and achieve the highest levels of individual and institutional performance. With qualified and distinguished cadres from around the world at the Continuing Education Center: the Center ensures that the most influential and inclusive training opportunities are provided to the largest segment of the public to enhance readiness with the latest developments in their fields of specialization.

Objectives of the center

The programs are designed in response to the needs of institutions, individuals and various sectors of society, through developing skills, learning new knowledge or exploring possibilities, the center seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Raising levels of institutional performance and developing competitiveness by providing consulting services in various disciplines to public and private sector institutions
  • Keeping up with modern scientific and technical developments and trends and transferring them to the segments of society concerned with the optimal method
  • Harnessing the outstanding community capacities and staff under the umbrella of the University to provide various programs to develop the skills and experiences of members of the Community
  • Providing specialized training courses and workshops in various administrative, scientific, technical, linguistic and community fields
  • Strengthening community partnership by building strategic bridges with government and private entities in the country