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Since its establishment, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities has been unwavering in its commitment to contributing to achieving a bright future for the UAE and advancing its development goals, by consistently and constantly producing new knowledge through world-class research and pursuing academic programs that are on par with the world’s best.It has been a beacon of scientific research, innovation and creativity and has actively sought partnerships with prestigious higher education institution as well as like-mind organizations abroadto enhance its capabilities in teaching and research as well as improve the educational standards in the university, in addition to strengthening its position as a global academic center of excellence.Through its various cooperation agreements and collaboration programs, the university has contributed significantly to community development, provided employment opportunities to its graduates who are now productive members of society, as well as engaged partners around the world towards the enhancement of research and teaching standards.The following highlights some of the partnership opportunities with the university:
  • Academic exchange initiatives across its Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs
  • Student and faculty exchange programs that contribute to the development of the study and teaching of the humanities and the social sciences
  • Elevate the quality and standards if research, through joint and interdisciplinary research initiatives, and disseminating the findings of these research projects to a broader audience
  • Strategically Integrate learning resources and databases to create useful larger indices and databases to benefit researchers. Share and exchange publications, books, periodicals, publications, and research.
  • Development and implementation of exchange visits to ensure participation in cultural, scientific, educational, scientific and practical training activities and events, and joint community service projects. Launch various initiatives according to available capabilities, and publicizing this in various media outlets.