Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities comes in the context of the wise and conscious leadership of the United Arab Emirates’ vision to render advanced education a strategy and a priority to promote a distinct civilization and build a distinguished global leadership in the land of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, it has put global expertise and made easy room for it in the country to the benefit of males and females to shorten distances and climb the ladder of global competition equipped with the best tools, the most powerful methods, and the latest knowledge.

Out of such a sound vision of the importance of education for the state leadership, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities – based on its motto: loyalty to the homeland, preservation of values, and excellence in knowledge – emphasizes in its current and future programs:

Consolidation of the value of the homeland and national identity, and diligently working to highlight the national and cultural identity in the service of this nation and belonging to it with loyalty and love of the wise leadership. The latter watches over its security, stability, progress and nobility, and creates for its citizens the best opportunities for education, a decent life, and contribution to humanity.

It equips students with modern means to communicate and exchange ideas in the Arabic mother tongue and other languages (English), as well as with modern tools that facilitate communication through lessons on modern communication devices.

Opening new windows onto novel knowledge by introducing study materials to facilitate student communication with the environment through a holistic culture linked to reality. Such opening will render student specialization more interesting and will let them receive attention and actively participate in the development of society. It is these study materials that create distinction that we are dealing with now, and programs will pivot around this, to create an influential knowledgeable generation.

Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is pursuing this journey with the support and encouragement of the wise leadership, may God protect it, to attain its noble goals.