College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

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Leadership and distinction in graduate studies, scientific research and community service programs  


Forming a generation of researchers endowed with creativity, innovation and capable of developing and sustaining scientific research


  1. Provision of high-quality academic programs that meet the highest international standards,
  2. Qualifying scientific cadres capable of producing knowledge and creativity in scientific research, facing challenges and solving problems,
  3. Providing an ideal environment for scientific research in order to attain creativity and innovation,
  4. Creating and developing graduate studies programs that keep pace with contemporary scientific and technical developments, pioneering community service, and meeting the needs of the labor market,
  5. Producing serious scientific research that deals with human, society and world issues,
  6. Contributing to the development of scientific research and scientific production to enrich human knowledge
  7. Building fruitful partnerships with academic institutions dealing with graduate studies programs, for cooperation and exchange of expertise in scientific research.
  8. The scientific and methodological contribution to building the value system of human civilization.
  9. Enhancing the university’s position as an enlightening and scientific center that combines scientific research service and social development