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Becoming a Leader in Academic Research and the Development of Philosophical Skills

Vision Vision

To develop the ethics and philosophy programs at the University, contribute to the preparation and training of researchers, provide advice and expertise, and work to enlighten society.

Message Message


Goal 1

Develop academic research in the field of philosophy

Advance the use of philosophical language in Arabic language, addressing various scientific, educational, cultural, and societal topics, and being open to novel developments in the fields of philosophy and ethics.

Goal 2

Providing academic programs and courses in various branches of philosophy.

Develop mechanisms, ways, and means of furthering student competencies and capabilities in philosophy by providing innovative programs and courses based on cutting-edge knowledge. Making a qualitative leap in the methods of teaching philosophy and conducting research, in line with international best practices.

Goal 3

Nurturing specialized competencies in philosophy

Prepare a specialized teams in various philosophical fields who possess academic degrees approved by the university, and which qualifies them for research and education in the field. Sponsoring pioneering academic studies.

Goal 4

Dissemination of philosophical thought

Implementing community initiatives that make philosophical activity more effective and widespread. Contributing to creating philosophical culture which combines rationality and Sharia ina balanced manner. Supporting cultural diversity and community. Consolidating the university’s relationship with the local community through seminars, meetings, and partnerships that contribute to increased awareness of the practical use of philosophy.