The Advisory Board

The purpose of the formation of the “Advisory Board” is to benefit from possible assistance from various groups to formulate the strategic directions of the Faculty, and to propose ways to strengthen and deepen the partnership between the Faculties of the university and the community

Duties and Responsibilities of the Advisory Board:

The Faculty Advisory Board is responsible for the followings:

  • Present ideas and proposals related to the university’s priorities and trends in the fields of education, scientific research, and community partnership.
*Advising on strategies that can be used to achieve the Faculty’s aims by applying and implementing them on the ground.
  • Provide ideas to the Faculty which contributes development to the, already, existing and projected academic and research programs.
  • Participating in the search for ways to strengthen and deepen the relationship between local and global communities and to create effective institutional partnerships as well.
  • Develop ideas that will enhance the Faculty’s reputation in the society.
  • Sharing opinions and develop initiatives that will enhance the position of Faculty graduates in the labor market.
  • Contribute proposals aimed at improving and developing the training and skills programs offered by the Faculty in line with the needs of the UAE labor market.
  • Utilizing the board’s membership and getting benefits for the graduates while working as a mediators to provide training opportunities for students and job opportunities for graduates’, and to take advantage of the university’s resources and the academic Staff in order to participate in the preparation of research that serves the community.
  • Provide ideas and proposals that helps the Faculty to gain financial support for its initiatives and to explore research funding opportunities.
  • Providing advice on related issues and matters that referred to the Advisory Board by the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor or by the Dean of the Faculty.