1. Student Life Management

The Department of Student Life firmly believes that a great deal of what students learn at the University takes place outside the classroom, so students, faculty, and staff work together to provide a rich variety of social, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational activities in various lifestyles. The idea of establishing student clubs and a student council came to encourage students to develop their talents and desires within an organized framework and in accordance with rules, principles, and procedures that help them develop their skills and practice leadership and decision-making./strong>

2. The Sport Centre (Gym)

The healthy life of students plays an important role in the academic and general success of the student’s life, and the Student Life Department is interested in providing sports activities services for all students, whether on campus or at university hall of residences. The student sports club is also activated through sports tournaments, seminars, and training courses.

3.Residential Life (Halls of Residences)

Living on campus and integrating into its community is one of the most enriching experiences of university life. In the halls of residences, students can communicate with their peers and participate in leadership opportunities, means of developing them, and many interactive activities on campus, and create a comfortable, encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere in the halls of residences to make it the most ready place to support students who live far from their homes and families.

4. Restaurants and Shops

On campus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal in one of the restaurants or coffee shops. There is also a main hall for restaurants with regular health and food control to ensure food safety standards at all times.

1. Health Services

The university devotes its efforts to provide the highest quality of health services for all university students, and a medical staff is available within a team committed to the comprehensive health of students while they are at Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities.

2. Student Counseling

Student counseling is provided within a group of specialized counseling services that would reach students to a better level of psychological and social compatibility and self-satisfaction and help them overcome the difficulties they may encounter. The specialists are keen to provide an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, and complete confidentiality for all issues that are dealt with..

3. Services for People of Determination (Special Needs)

The Student Life Department is committed to providing its services to students of determination studying at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities and obtaining equal educational opportunities with their colleagues. The department urges students who complain of any kind of challenges to communicate with the staff to assess their cases and then provide them with the necessary services.

4. Students’ Happiness Center

The Students’ Happiness Services are available through the support and advice provided by the Student Affairs Department, and it overcomes the difficulties they may face in reaching specialists, by answering their inquiries and questions directly and through electronic services, in addition to directing them to the relevant concerned authorities that may be able to answer them in detail in some special cases.

5. International Student Services

The Student Life Department welcomes international students, as an office has been allocated to provide services to international students enrolled at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, with appreciation for their ancient cultures that they bring with them to the university. The office team coordinates the students’ administrative needs and supports their academic and personal success.

The International Student Office provides its services to international students with regard to all matters related to the rules and regulations for granting entry and residence visas, financial issues, travel tickets, and health insurance in the country in compliance with the university’s policies.

The International Student Services Office also provides full support and care for international students throughout their time at Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities.

6. Transportation Services

The Student Life Department, in cooperation with the Services and Logistics Support Department, provides internal and external transportation services for students of Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, by providing buses and light vehicles, driven by highly qualified and responsible drivers to ensure the safety of all passengers.

These services includes:

  • Transferring students between university hall of residences and the university campus in Abu Dhabi and Ajman.
  • Transporting female students residing in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city to the university campus on daily basis.
  • Transferring female students residing in university hall of residences weekly, specifically on Thursdays, to their emirates and residential areas, and returning them on Sunday to the dormitories of Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities in its Abu Dhabi and Ajman campuses.
  • Student transportation services for field trips inside and outside the city of Abu Dhabi and Ajman.


7. General Supervision Services for the University Campus

Life at Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities is not limited to classrooms and lectures. Rather, there are many opportunities to develop the student’s scientific, social, and personal skills. The university provides students with the opportunity to choose from many specializations and benefits from the academic facilities on campus. The university also grants its students the opportunity to engage in a diverse university community that includes students from all over the world, and this helps in preparing a generation of graduates who specialize in their field and are aware of the surrounding world.