Master of Islamic Studies Program : Jurisprudence of Legal

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Study Plan:
Course No.Course NameCredit HoursPre-requisiteStudy System
First: Course Requirements (33) Credit Hours
JUR666The jurisprudence of disasters3Physical Presence
JUR667Emerging legal issues3Remote Learning
JUR668Fundamental Issues3Physical Presence
JUR669Medical Issues3Physical Presence
JUR670Reasoning of the rules3Physical Presence
ECO611New financial transactions3Remote Learning
RSC686Knowledge sources and scientific research methods3Remote Learning
JUR671Jurisprudence Theories3Physical Presence
ISL688The purposes of the law and the consideration of diligence3Physical Presence
QUR671Quranic studies3Remote Learning
ISL689Approach to understanding legal texts3Physical Presence
Second: Electives (6) Credit Hours
ENG602Legal texts and terms in English3Remote Learning
SOC626The discourse of tolerance in Islam3Physical Presence
HUM619The value of knowledge and science in Islam3Remote Learning
JUR678The jurisprudence of peace and citizenship3Remote Learning
Third: Thesis (9) Credit Hours
JUR691Thesis9Remote Learning