Doctorate in Legal Jurisprudence in Contemporary Issues

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Study Plan:
CodeCourse Name Credit HoursPre-requisiteStudy System
First: Course Requirements (18) Credit Hours
JUR766Fundamentalist principles and theories3Physical Presence
JUR767The jurisprudence of civilizational communication3Remote Learning
JUR768Jurisprudential principles and theories3Remote Learning
JUR769Principle-based Rulings3Physical Presence
JUR770Contemporary Jurisprudential Issues3Remote Learning
JUR771Islamic Jurisprudence and Fatwa3Physical Presence
Second: Electives (6) Credit Hours
ISL789Emerging family issues3Physical Presence
ISL788Critical thought in the legal sciences3Physical Presence
ECO711Banking transactions
Third: Thesis (30) Credit Hours
JUR791Thesis30 –Remote Learning