Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics

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Head of Department: DR. Mariam Alzaidi


Program Outline

The program is organized by credit hours, with teaching during the academic week, from Monday to Friday.

Requirements for admission to the undergraduate program:

  • That the student has obtained an average of no less than
  • 80% in the secondary school certificate for the general track
  • 75% in the secondary school certificate for the advanced track
  • 70% in the secondary school certificate for the elite track
  • The student should pass the personal interview, which includes both an oral interview and a placement test.

Selection and comparison criteria for undergraduate programs

  • Knowledge of the Arabic language
  • Correct pronunciation and reading
  • General knowledge and curiosity
  • Knowledge of the English language

For a student to finalize acceptance at the end of the first semester, the following is
required :

  • To score no less than (2) in the semester average
  • To score no less than (1250) points on the Emirates Standard Test (EmSAT) in the Arabic language, a score of no less than (1000) points in the English language or its equivalent in other standardized tests (IETLS, TOEFL..)
  • To score at least (700) in the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) in Mathematics

Graduation requirements

To obtain a bachelor’s degree at Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, students must complete all courses with a grade of no less than (1.00) in each course, obtain a grade point average (GPA) of no less than (0.2), and complete (120) credit hours as a minimum. They must also pass the proficiency test in the specialization, the English language test, and the Arabic language test with an average of no less than (75%), and successfully complete all major curricular requirements, including practical training and graduation projects

Course fulfillment

A course is completed by obtaining a grade of more than or equal to 60%.

Minimum and maximum academic load for a student

The student’s academic load per semester ranges between (12) credit hours as minimum, (18) credit hours as higher, and (21) credit hours as maximum.

Certificates are awarded at the University of Mohamed bin Zayed For Humanities with one of the following grades:

AssessmentGrade Point Average (GPA)
Excellent4.00 – 3.60
Very good3.00 – less than – 3.6
Good2.5 – less than – 3.00
Pass2.00 – less than – 2.5

General Provisions

  • Students must obtain a clearance from the university to complete graduation procedures, postpone studies, or withdraw or drop out from the university.
  • Graduation certificates are granted when they are earned, after completing accreditation procedures according to the approved rules and regulations issued by MBZUH.