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Bridges of tolerance and intercultural communication from locality to globality

18-19 November 2019


The United Arab Emirates pursues building bridges of tolerance between the components of its local community, and participates in international forums to promote peace and openness to various cultures till it has distinctly become a global capital for civilization connection, religious dialogue, and human exchange of various experiences, returns, and innovations. This has been based on a wise legislative approach, and organizing administration and a vigorous implementation sequence that consolidates the values ​​of tolerance. Such values have been followed by waves of violence in various countries to eradicate tolerance from the hearts. A few enemies of humanity have gone too far in polluting the minds with ideas of estrangement and civilization clashes, and agitating their souls to the speech of hostility and hatred at the family, local, regional and international levels. Human conscience has nearly dried up from acceptance of the other, and from contentment with difference and diversity. There have been a number of authentic voices that preserve the culture of the ancestors and uphold their pledge to care for the sanctity of every human being, regardless of color, race, religion and sect, and to extend bridges of intellectual and cultural communication; they preached taking care of rights, fulfilling covenants, ensuring safety of self , property and honor, and striving to make the other happy because the other has a blood link in humanity, brotherhood in monotheism in particular, or in humanity in general. The other is a counterpart in creation that has the full capacity to enjoy full rights

To this end, and within the tremendous efforts made by the UAE to spread the values ​​of moderation, coexistence and peace, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities decided to invite scholars, writers, thinkers, and research professors to hold an international scientific conference to discuss the topic: bridges of tolerance and civilizational communication from locality to globality, based on the following themes:

Theme 1: Tolerance and intercultural communication from a religious and humane perspective

a. The religious perspective.

b. The humane perspective.

Theme2: the efforts of the UAE in promoting the values of tolerance and intercultural communication

a. The efforts of Sheikh Zayed in promoting the values of tolerance.

b. Institutional efforts (the ministry of tolerance…)

c. Hatred renouncement Document.

d. Human Fraternity Document

Theme3: “Bridges of tolerance and cultural communication in Islamic civilization, laws and international relations.

a. Islamic civilization.

b. Laws, treaties and international relations

Theme4: local and international tolerance and intercultural communication projects

a. Scientific projects.

b. Educational projects

c. Media projects

  • Contribution to the activities by which the UAE commemorates the year of tolerance
  • Introducing the efforts of the UAE in promoting the values of tolerance, multiculturalism and cultural communication
  • Studying and evaluating the human experience in tolerance, cultural communication.
  • Investigating the tolerance and intercultural communication status quo
  • Engaging in scientific projects serving the middle approach in thought, jurisprudence, law and media.

Important dates

  • Abstract submissions: 20 Aug 2019 .
  • Abstract acceptance : 05 Sep 2019 .
  • Full paper submission : 17 Oct 2019.
  • Final paper acceptance : 30 Oct 2019.
  • Conference dates : 18-19 Nov 2019.
  • Organising: Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities
  • conference president
  • Scientific committee president:

Dr Farouk Hamada.

  • Scientific committee members:

Dr Rachida Boukhibra

Dr Hayat Brihmati

Dr Samia Abouri

Dr Mohamed Adnani

Dr Abdelwahid Idrissi
Dr Mohamed Elouathiq

Organising committee:Dr Mohammed Motary

Dr Rachida Boukhibra

Dr Hayat Brihmati

Dr Samia Abouri

Dr Abdelwahid Idrissi

Dr Mohammed Elouathiq

Dr Lahcen Hafidi Alaoui

Dr Ahmad MAchadani

Dr Mustapha Akli

Dr Nouredin Lemwaden

Dr Mohamed Abdou

Dr Said Aouadi

  • Registration for attendance and participation :
  • Full name / e-mail / phone / download the form / download the CV of the researcher / specify the axis of participation.

For registration form, click here

Note: The deadline for registration is August 20, 2019.

  • Register for attendance only:
  • Full name / e-mail / phone / download CV.

For registration form, click here

Note: The deadline for registration is November 11, 2019.

  • For communication and inquiries, please contact the following means:
  • Email:
  • Phone numbers

Full name: Dr. Abdel Wahid Al-Idrisi

Telephone number 0097124999283

Telephone number : 00971563908967  

E-mail :

Full name: Dr. Ahmed Mashhadani

Phone : 0097124999246

Mobile : 00971568315866

Email :

Full name: Mr. Rabih Al-Abouri

Phone : 0097124999248

Mobile : 00971568789658

Email :

  • The research paper should not be presented at a previous conference or symposium, published in a scientific journal, or taken from a university thesis
  • Follow composition and reference criteria
  • Respect conference themes
  • Following Chicago publishing style 17
  • 30 pages maximum, A4 including references and appendices
  • The first page of the research, or paper, includes the title of the conference, its organizer, the full title, the name of the researcher, the academic degree, the exact e-mail, and the phone number.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 150 words in English
  • A one-page CV
  • Adopt the (Simplified Arabic) font, size (16) in the text, (12) in the margin, and the Times New Roman font in writing the abstract in English, size (14) in the text, and (10) in the margin.
  • Margins are coordinated sequentially, and fixed at the footer of each page. Margins are mentioned in parentheses (1) (2) (3) in the body and in the margin.
  • The research is edited by the scientific committee of the conference and its collaborators, and a general report is composed on the proposed research.
  • Research modification based on the referees’ remarks
  • Conference papers are published by the university after selection for presentation