About the House of Wisdom Library

The Mohammed bin Zayed University for Humanities Library, known as the House of Wisdom, serves as a gateway to a wide range of resources and services that support the university’s research, learning, and teaching. The library aims to enrich the cultural understanding of students and faculty by keeping them up to date with the latest developments in scientific research and human thought. This is achieved by continuously updating the library’s collections and facilitating their utilization according to the highest standards and the latest administrative practices.

The university library contains a wide array of printed and digital materials, including books, journals, articles, theses, electronic databases, and other multimedia resources.

The mission of the university library is to provide open and organized access to its resources for all members of the university community, including students, faculty members, researchers, and staff. The library is your gateway to knowledge, offering a wealth of resources at your fingertips. It also supports and assists in effectively using these resources through borrowing, research consultations, workshops, and training sessions on research skills and database utilization.

Promoting continuous learning and knowledge acquisition

o Providing knowledge resources to help faculty members and staff keep pace with developments in various fields of specialization and utilize modern research methods o Enhancing the effectiveness of using digital resources o Assisting students in developing critical thinking skills

Meeting student needs and providing an effective learning environment

o Providing materials that align with student interests and academic needs o Offering quality services that achieve active learning and provide valuable information o Providing references and resources to support students in self-directed learning

Developing a strong and diverse collection of materials

o Purchasing books, references, and journals published around the world (locally, regionally, and internationally) and subscribing to journals according to the needs of students, faculty members, and researchers o Meeting the academic and research needs of students and researchers at various stages of their studies and in diverse fields

Building an integrated database:

o Establishing a database containing information about books, references, and other resources, making it easy for users to access the required information

Collaborating with other libraries

o Expanding the network of cooperation with university libraries and research centers to maximize user benefits

Enhancing open access to information

o Providing free access to information by offering open-source databases

Training users on using electronic resources:

o Providing training courses for faculty members, staff, and students on the use of digital networks and accessing resources efficiently

Providing educational and cultural services to the community:

o Organizing educational and cultural workshops, seminars, and forums that serve the needs of the local community o Providing the public with opportunities for continuous learning and knowledge exchange through diverse activities that encourage interaction and communication

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