Climate Conference

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), happening in Expo City, Dubai, and hosted by the United Arab Emirates, continues to unite global efforts to curtail carbon emissions. It convenes parties who have signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, offering a platform to assess advancements made towards tackling climate change.

University participation in climate events like COP28 deepens understanding of climate challenges and fosters a pragmatic global vision.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, driven by the desire for meaningful participation in national and international dialogues on topics significant to its constituents and leaders, sees COP28 as an opportunity to enhance collaboration with researchers and experts from around the world.

This forum allows the exchange of ideas and knowledge while inspiring and encouraging the youth to develop environmental awareness and adopt sustainable practices to achieve environmental conservation.

The University’s Road to the Climate Conference

The Sustainable University Initiative

The Sustainable University Initiative seeks to empower students to advocate for positive transformation, specifically within the scope of the university campus and broadly in society. This initiative aims to tap into the forward-thinking, innovative ideas of the youth related to critical areas including climate change, efficient utilization of natural resources, and economic and societal matters. The objective is to harness the dynamism of the youth and direct it towards shaping a brighter future for universities and communities.

Sustainability Club

Student Activities


Introducing the Dictionary of Human and Sustainable Development, which aims to refine its terminology, thereby enriching the Arabic language for both native and non-native speakers. This effort also seeks to encourage present and future generations to propose community-driven initiatives.

Sustainability Dictionary

A youth program that presents and discusses topics related to sustainability and climate change, and how the university’s expertise in the humanities can be leveraged to make an impact. This is part of the university’s participation at COP28, which is being hosted by the UAE. The podcast is presented by distinguished university students and supervised by academic experts who specialize in environment and sustainability.

Estidama Podcast Initiative


Climate Conference Contributions

University Sustainability Week Initiatives

Climate Conference Contributions

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