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A Center of Research and Studies based in Mohamed bin Zayed University for Humanities focused on scholarly and academic study in the fields of philosophy and ethics. It aims at developing and nurturing intellectual capacities and skills, disseminating philosophical knowledge, experience, and advice.

Objectives: Develop academic research in the field of philosophy.Providing academic programs and courses in various branches of philosophy. Developing student competency in philosophy. Dissemination of philosophical thought.

The center serves a wide segment of society, including students and researchers in the fields of philosophy, Islamic studies, history,  as well as conducting faculty training (in universities and schools).

Our vision:

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Leadership in scientific research and capacity building in philosophy.

Leadership in academic research and capacity building in philosophy. Developing the ethics and philosophy programs at the university, and contributing to student preparation and training researchers, providing advice and expertise, and working to enlighten society.

About the Center’s Logo

Wisdom, Philosophy, and the Tree are the three foundations upon which the center of philsophical studies is built. The Center aims to create philosophical discourse drawn from the interrelationship between Islamic philosophy (hikma) and the sacred law (sharia). Its foundation is firmly fixed in the traditions of the Islamic community and its branches spread out into the broader world of shared human values.