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Prof. Dr. Mohamed Darif

Dean of Art and Humanities


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Prof. Dr. Mohamed AlDharif, holds a state doctorate from Mohammed V University in Rabat. He has several published works; Former head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the College of Arts and Humanities in Rabat, Chairman of the Committee supervising the evaluation and preparation of publications related to the culture of the Moroccan Sahara, formerly Chairman of the Moroccan Scientific Committee in the Kuwait Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, Chairman of the Moroccan Scientific Committee in the Encyclopedia of Africa; a member of the National Committee for Tabriz in the Arabic Language, previously, member of the Jarari Club in Rabat, founding member of the Al-Hikma Foundation for Researchers and Thinkers in Rabat, previously.

  • Saharan Cultural Studies
  • Achieving heritage texts in poetry
  • Geographical and historical literature, and religious heritage
  • Educational planning, Creativity in teaching Arabic Encyclopedias industry

1994: State doctorate from Mohammed V University in Rabat.

1986: Ph.D. in the third line from Mohammed V University in Rabat.

1982: Diploma in Advanced Studies from Mohammed V University in Rabat.

1976: High School Diploma for Professors in Rabat.

1975: Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature from Mohammed V University, Faculty of Arts, Fez.



Achieving leadership and excellence in Arabic language and literature, and humanities in general, in a creative educational environment characterized by moderation, tolerance, community service, and the development of the knowledge economy, in accordance with the vision of the United Arab…



Equipping students with outstanding academic knowledge in arts and humanities; practical leadership skills; innovation and creative thinking, to contribute to the sustainable development witnessed by the UAE.

College Goals

College Goals

1) Providing programs in Arabic language and literature, and in the human sciences in general at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels that combine originality and openness to knowledge and human 1) sciences, living languages, and modern informatics technologies And living languages, and modern information technologies.
2) Training students and qualifying them according to a precise scientific approach and a moderate vision that combines originality and modernity, based on carefully selected sources from the original Arab heritage and the achievements of new Arab and international scientific research.
3) Providing integrated and open academic programs that respond to international standards and meet the needs of the labor market.
4) Building a scientific personality capable of taking responsibility and acquiring communication skills, creativity, criticism, and independence in thinking.
5) Consolidating the values ​​of loyalty to the country, dedication to community service, transparency in performance, and openness to others.
6) Create a generation characterized by efficiency and innovation.
7) Qualifying students to enter postgraduate studies and scientific research according to competitive standards.
8) Self-development and effective integration into the labor market.