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Prof.Ahmed Alhaddad

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Prof.Ahmed Alhaddad

Prof.Ahmed Alhaddad



Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities

– Big intrigued

– Director of the Fatwa Department and member of the High Committee for Fatwas

– Member of the Senior Scholars Committee of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Philanthropy – Dubai

– Member of the UAE Council for Legal Fatwa

– Founding member of the Council of Muslim Sages

– Former member of the Fatwa Committee in Abu Dhabi

Member of the International Islamic Jurisprudence Council of the Organization of the Islamic Conference – representative of the state

– Member of the Accounting and Audit Authority for Financial and Islamic Institutions AAOIFI

– Member of the Board of Trustees of Imam Malik College of Sharia and Law

– Chairman of the Supreme Shariah Authority of the Central Bank

– Expert in the Islamic Jurisprudence Complex of the Association of the Islamic World

– A cooperative teacher at Mohammed bin Zayed University of Humanities

— Ph.D. in Islamic Law – Um al-Qura University


Mohamed Bin Zayed for Humanities